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Product Introductions > IEEE1394 > AFW-41 / AFW-41C
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IEEE1394 Application Development Kit
AFW-41 / AFW-41C

AFW-41 and AFW-41C are a kit for monitoring IEEE1394 buses using PC. You can easily monitor the bus by connecting AFW-41 or AFW-41C to a device which is connected and transmitting by IEEE1394. AFW-41 is for the desktop computer, and AFW-41C is for the notebook computer.

Compatible OS

- For the hart of compatible OS, click here

Special Features

1. Improvement of Operability by New GUI.
With existing products, different windows are needed to show the packet list and packet details, but with AFW-41/AFW-41C, that kind of information is displayed in one window which is divided and has Explorer-like features. By clicking on the packet, the details will be displayed in the same window. Comparing to existing products, AFW-41/AFW-41C makes it much easier to see packet details.

2. Release of Exclusive Data Format.
The exclusive data format for AFW-41 will be released to its users. It has been impossible for users to analyze the data without an application exclusive for AFW, but by releasing the data format, users can create their own application and analyze the data.

3. Easy-to-See Topology Display.
AFW-41/AFW-41C has the list view style for display of topology. This makes it easier to verify the topology of the device which is connected by IEEE1394.

4. Free-run Function Added for Real-time Display.
Asynchronous packets and isochronous packets can be displayed in the state of free-run. Real-time display is also for the received data.When it is used concurrently with the trigger function, you can start and stop monitoring at the specified condition. With these functions, you can verify errors which are generated because of operation for long period of time.

5. Real-time Saving for Hard Disk.
A function which saves the packet data, monitored by the device connected by IEEE1394, to the hard disk in real time is added. You can save the necessary data to the disk, and take your time to analyze them later.


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