Notebook PC compatible IEEE1394 Image Input PC Card

CFW-46 is a PC card which controls IIDC/IEEE1394 cameras and inputs image data to the PC.
It is not easy to load images of an analog camera to the notebook PC, but by using CFW-46, you can easily load images of an IIDC/IEEE1394 camera to the notebook as well as to the desktop PC. CFW-46 can be used for running an application developed in the desktop PC.

Compatible Cameras

- XCD-X700, XCD-SX900 (SONY)
- DFW-V500, DFW-VL500 (SONY)
- DFW-X700, DFW-SX900 (SONY)
- CS3720F (Tokyo Denshi Kogyo)
- ORCA-1394 (Hamamatsu Photonicsj
- KY-F1030,KY-F75 (Japan Victor)
- A300F/A100F series (Basler)

Software Development Kit

- DCCL-P (TechnoScope)

Optional Extras

- IEEE1394 cable


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