IEEE1394 Target Firmware Development Support Kit

PFW-41DDK provides IEEE1394-1995 test driver software and host controller hardware for PC host which are necessary for target firmware developers when they develop an IEEE1394 peripheral device. When it is confirmed with tools such as measuring instruments that the circuit and connection around PHY of the target controller are set as they were designed, PFW-41DDK provides the environment that allow you to debug the firmware. When a certain level of operation is verified, with PFW-41DDk, you can debug the processing of glitches by creating a data packet that causes the transmission data format an error. Also, with PFW-41DDk, you can debug the default processing of the target firmware by generating a bus reset from an application.

Field of Use
- Operation Experiments of IEEE1394 Peripheral Device
- Experimental Verification of Magneto-Optical Disc / Hard Disc / DVD / Scanner ...
- Verification Before Shipping of IEEE1394 Peripheral Device
- Verification Before Shipping of Magnetic Disc / Hard Disc / DVD / Scanner ...

Compatible OS

- For the chart of compatible OS, click here

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