IEEE1394 Application Development Kit

PFW-41SDK provides you software development environment which conforms to the maximum high speed of 400Mbps and IEEE1394-1995, necessary for developing an application in the PC host. By using PFW-41SDK, you can develop various kinds of applications such as for transmission between PCs using IEEE1394, and display and input of IEEE1394 camera images. PFW-41SDK consists of a host adapter card which conforms to IEEE1394-1995 400Mbps and driver software for Windows NT4.0, Windows 98, and Windows 2000.

Field of Use
Verification of Software with Windows as a false target
Home Network
Operation Experimentation of Future Generation STB / Digital VTR / Video / On-demand / Data Server / Video Phone / Unmanned Surveillance System

Operational Experimentation of IEEE1394 Peripheral Devices, Experimental
Verification of Magneto-Optical Disc / Hard Disc / DVD / Scanner

IEEE1394 Device
Experimental Verification of Handling of Motion Picture Data, Demonstration Experiment of Factory Automation System - Robot Actuator / Sensor / Image Recognition Device ...

Compatible OS

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