IEEE1394b/800Mbps Compatible, 5 Port Repeater

PR-581 is a 5 port repeater compliant with IEEE 1394 standard with the maximum transmission rate of 800 Mbps.
PR-581 can be used for extending the distance between IEEE1394 devices and as a device for powering IEEE1394 bus. The body is compact and suitable for embedded purposes, and screw lock cables can be attached to it for IIDC standard of industrial cameras.

Main Specification
IEEE1394a-2000, IEEE1394b-2002
Transmission Rate
100 / 200 / 400 / 800 Mbps
IEEE1394b 9pin Bilingual
Ports 5 Ports (1 port in front, 4 ports in the back)
AC Adapter
Power Supply
DC +8V - 24V (purchase seprately: exclusive AC adapter)
Operating Temperature
and Humidity
0 - 55 ºC / 0 - 75 %
External Dimensions 94.8(W) x 53.4(D) x 20.0(H) mm (excluding jutting parts)
Weight 92g
RoHS compatible

Optional Extras

- Exclusive AC adapter
- IEEE 1394b cable

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