PR-642R is an IEEE1394-1995/IEEE1394-2000 compatible repeater with six ports, and it supports the data transmission rate of 100, 200, and 400Mbps.
PR-642R is the necessary device when connecting multiple devices to the IEEE1394 serial bus, and this repeater is suited when connecting PC and IEEE1394 compatible peripheral devices.
Not only can it operate with power supply from a cable, but also PR-642R can operate without power supply from AC power supply through a cable, and also it can power buses in DC12V(2A maximum).

Basic Configuration

Main Specification
I/F Standard
compliant with IEEE1394-1995, IEEE1394-2000
Transmission Rate
100 / 200 / 400 Megabit/sec
Port Number

6 ports

Input Voltage Range
8V - 40V (with IEEE1394 cable)
Power Supply AC100V ±10% (with 3A fuse and noise filter)
Self Power
less than 2W (when all six ports are in use)
and Humidity
10 - 55 °C / without condensation (when in operation or storage)
Size 1U 483(W) x 44(H) x 300(D) mm / without handles or jetting parts
Connector IEEE1394 6 pin connector
Others The maximum supply current is 12V/2A.
Except the maximum supply current for each port is up to 1A.
(each port has protection fuse)
* The Power Class status of PR-642R is set to "supply 30W" as the factory setting.

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