Existing memory boards have issues such as the size of the system is too large and the storage is limited in the DIMM format. MIO-1920 is a high-speed memory board with great capacity which supports SD bus interface UHS-I/SDR104, the new standard of SD/SDHC memory cards, and has the maximum speed of 1.5 GB/s (theoretical value).

MIO-1920 will be able to provide you even greater capacity and higher speed by adopting SDXC/UHS-II in the future.

Special Features
High Performances
32 bit software processor "MicroBlaze™ Ver7.20", realtime OS "NORTi ver4", and all sorts of interface are embedded in high performance FPGA "VIRTEX-6" instrumented on MIO-1920 for great capacity and high-speed memory transfer. Also, DMA controller enables CPU better performance and an easy memory transfer to the host computer without burden.
Software Interfaces
Functions, such as read/write, can be controlled with the dedicated device driver for Windows or as stand-alone, without Windows OS.
Great Capacity,
High-Speed Memory
Memories in MIO-1920 use SD memory cards(SDHC), and can read and write in the maximum speed of 1.5G byte with 2TB memory capacity.
Various Interfaces
Interfaces to the host computer are PCI-Express Gen1 x8. External interfaces are IEEE1394b and optical interface. And also, as an extension I/F, RocketIO GTX interface is used.

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