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TechnoScope is a group of development design engineers for electronic devices.

In the early 1980's they engaged in the development of the laser-printer and accumulated high-speed image processing technology, and many other computer skills.

In 1984, a revolutionary computer called Macintosh was released by Apple Computer.
Our engineers were intrigued by the advanced technologies of Apple and acquired them thoroughly.

One of the Apple's many technologies was a communications technology called FireWire.
Sony noted that FireWire would be the best method for future multimedia communication. They appealed to Apple for joint and several and established a standard for the network of house appliances.

In 1995, FireWire was registered with the IEEE and became a global standard
by the name of "IEEE1394".

Apple disclosed the technical information about FireWire to TechnoScope,
who acquired the techniques.

In 1996, TechnoScope developed a 200Mbps "1394 Host Adapter Card"
at the request of Sony and it was distributed.

Since then, we have been highly praised by many camera manufacturers as recommended industrial digital cameras and we now mainly make sales of 800Mbps products.

TechnoScope will keep producing IEEE1394 products using cutting edge technologies for camera users in order to spread their use.


Company Name TechnoScope Co., Ltd.
President Susumu Shirakawa
Head Office 7-6-13 Kishi-cho Urawa-ku Saitama-shi Japan 330-0064
R&D Division 1088 Zenku Nishi-ku Niigata-shi Japan 950-1102
Establishment Oct, 1986
Capital 100 million Yen
Employees 23
Major Customers KONICA MINOLTA, OLYMPUS, SONY, Panasonic

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