IEEE1394b/800Mbps Compatible, ExpressCard/34

cfw81 CFW-81 is a PC card for controlling IIDC/IEEE1394b cameras
and importing image data to PC. CFW-81 can be mounted on
an ExpressCard/34 slot of laptop PC and provide functions of
IEEE1394b high-speed serial bus interface. CFW-81 supports
transmission rate up to 800Mbps with two IEEE1394b 9pin
bilingual ports.

Main Specification
1394 Transmission Rate
100 / 200 / 400 / 800Mbps
1394 Ports
2 ports (bilingual, 9pin)
  - w/ bus power supply function
(when connected with dedicated AC adapter)
- w/ bus power repeat function
- w/o bus power receiving function
1394 Bus Power Supply

DC jack for dedicated AC adapter connection
(Walkman type 1.3mm DC jack)

Power Source for
External Power Source
DC + 3.3V (supplied from PC)
Power Supply Approx. 34 (W) x 122 (L) x 20 (H) mm
External Dimensions Approx. 35g
Weight 0 ~ 65°C / 0 ~ 80% (without condensation)
Operational Environment 0 - 55 ºC / 30 - 75 % (without condensation)
OS Microsoft Windows XP(32bit) / Vista(32bit) / 7(32bit)

Compatible Cameras

XCD series, DFW series

FireDragon series, CS8581QF, CS6910F, CSB4000F-10, CSB1100F, CS3950DiF, CS8550DiF

KP-FD140F, KP-F140F, KP-F83F, KP-FD32F, KP-F32F, KP-F120F, HV-F22F, HV-F31F

Allied Vision Technologies
Guppy series, Pike series, Stingray series, Oscar series

Software Development Kit

- ZCL-2
- ZCL-2 Pro
- ZCL-2 for COGNEX

Optional Extras

- AC adapter for bus power supply (input: AC100V-240V / output: DC12V, 1.5A)
- IEEE1394b cable


You may need to upgrade ZCL-2 with charge to use CFW-81.
Our products are not designed to work on every PC.
If performance check is needed, please Contact Us.

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