IIDC/IEEE 1394 Camera Compatible, Image Input Library

ZCL-2 is a software development kit for developing software which inputs images of 1394/IIDC cameras and controls cameras. ZCL-2 has a unique driver software adopted which TechnoScope designed. Unique functions of cameras which are not compliant with IIDC standard are also supported, so ZCL-2 maximizes the camera performance.

If the camera is compliant with IIDC standard, no matter whether the camera is color or B/W, or which country it was made of, you can create a wide variety of applications compatible with cameras, and all you need is ZCL-2. Because ZCL-2 is bundled with 1394 and IIDC parts, you can build an application as easily as operating a camera without regard to the specification of standards. For unique functions of each camera which is not compatible with IIDC standard, ZCL-2 provides API for each unique function. ZCL-2 can easily maximize the high-level functions that cameras have.

ZCL-2 is compliant with various trigger modes such as issue of broadcast triggers which can work for all cameras connected to the 1394 bus at one time

Development Environment

Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 or later

Compatible OS

- Microsoft Windows 2000
- Microsoft Windows XP
- Microsoft Windows Vista(32Bit)
- Microsoft Windows 7(32Bit)

Compatible Host Adapter Cards

- PFW-85 / PFW-86 / PFW-87 / PFW-88 / PFW-46 / CFW-46 / CFW-81 : made by TechnoScope

Compatible Cameras

  XCD series, DFW series

  FireDragon series, CS8581QF, CS6910F, CSB4000F-10, CSB1100F, CS3950DiF, CS8550DiF


  KP-FD140F, KP-F140F, KP-F83F, KP-FD32F, KP-F32F, KP-F120F, HV-F22F, HV-F31F

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