IEEE1394b/800Mbps Compatible, PCI Express Board

PFW-87 is an image input board compatible with PCI Express (x1) for loading IEEE1394 camera images to PC, and it has an IEEE1394b port and an IEEE 1394a port. PFW-87 supports the maximum high-speed transmission mode of 800Mb/sec, IEEE1394a cameras and IEEE1394b cameras. PFW-87 has two IEEE 1394b 9pin bilingual port and an IEEE 1394a port. IEEE 1394a cameras and IEEE 1394b cameras can be connected without a conversion cable.

Main Specification
Applicable Standard
1394-1995, 1394a-2000, 1394b-2002
Transmission Rate
100 / 200 / 400 / 800 Mbps

PCI Express (x1)

IEEE1394b compatible connector x2 ports
(2 cables with screws connectable)
IEEE1394a compatible connector x1 port
External Dimensions 80(W) x 89.5(H) mm
Weight 57g
Power Supply From DC+3.3V PCI Express bus
From DC+12V PCI Express bus and HDD power connector
Temperature and
0 - 55 ºC/ 0 - 75 % (without condensation)
OS Microsoft Windows 2000, XP(SP2), Vista(32bit)

Compatible Cameras

IIDC/IEEE1394 cameras made by Sony, Toshiba-Teli, Japan Victor, and Hitachi Kokusai Electric.
About status of operating demonstration, please submit your question from Contact Us page.

Software Development Kit

- ZCL-2 (made by TechnoScope)

Optional Extras

- IEEE1394 cables


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