IEEE1394b/800Mbps, 64bit PCI Bus Compatible

PFW-86 is a PCI card, which supports 64bit, for controlling IIDC/IEEE1394 cameras and loading image data to PC. For preventing cables to fall off, PFW-86 has brackets with a screw lock type cable feature, and regularly attached brackets are for Low Profile PCI. By exchanging, these brackets can be compatible with both existing PCI slots and Low Profile PCI slots.

Main Specification
Transmission Rate
100 / 200 / 400 / 800 Mbps
PCI-64 bit bus, Low Profile compatible

IEEE1394b-compatible connector x2 ports
(2 cables with screws can be connected)

Power Supply
Power supply to cameras is possible.

Compatible Cmaeras

IIDC/IEEE1394 cameras made by Sony, Toshiba-Teli, Japan Victor, and Hitachi Kokusai Electric.
About status of operating demonstration, please submit your question from Contact Us page.

Software Development Kit

- ZCL-2 (made by TechnoScope)

Optional Extra

- IEEE1394 cable


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